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Spider Vein Treatments

Introducing Next Generation Spider Vein Treatments

Enjoy the best possible outcomes that are long lasting in the fewest visits possible

next generation spider vein treatmentsAlsara Vein Clinic offers state-of-the-art spider vein treatments. The most effective treatment options currently available are injection sclerotherapy (the gold standard), ultrasound guided sclerotherapy (used to seal the deeper "feeder veins"), ohmic thermolysis (the revolutionary VeinGogh), and surface laser. We have all of these and some other options available. Typically we use a combination of treatment modalities to help you enjoy the best possible outcomes that are long lasting in the fewest visits possible. Spider vein treatment imaging is performed using Ultrasound, Veinlite® and AccuVein®. Combined with Alsara Vein Clinic's expertise, years of experience and obsession for outstanding results, you can get the results you always desired. Schedule a Free Consultation today.

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  • Board Certified Providers
  • We use ultrasound guidance to rid unsightly spider veins at their source
  • Alsara Clinic uses the latest technology to provide the most effect, safest, and longest lasting result
  • Many patients come to us after failed treatments elsewhere
  • We treat veins all day, every day; more importantly, we love what we do


What is Injection Sclerotherapy?Cryo Sclerotherapy

Injection sclerotherapy is the quality standard for spider veins treatment. Using a special light, the vein is isolated and a small amout of medication (sclerosant) is injected inside the vein. The medication "closes" the vein and stops the flow of blood.

Although the appearance of treated spider veins improves (diminishes) immediately, the spider veins are slowly absorbed by the body over a course of several weeks or months. Typically, several veins can be treated in one session and more than one session may be required depending on the extent of your spider veins. It is also possible that repeat injections in a single vein may be necessary since some spider veins are more "stubborn" than others.

What is VeinGogh?

vein gogh the doctors smVeinGogh is a breakthrough treatment technology for spider veins that allows us to treat even the smallest and most curvy vein where sclerotherapy may not be an option. An extremely tiny needle focuses energy (ohmic thermolysis) directly onto the spider vein, and closes it immediately.

This VeinGogh spider vein treatment is not dependent on skin type, like lasers and other light-based therapies, and provides a superior solution for sealing vessels that have shown resistance to other treatment options. The tissue on the skin surface is rarely affected and many patients report minimal, if any, discomfort compared to laser or intense pulse light therapies used elsewhere to remove spider veins. As with sclerotherapy, over time the body absorbs the "closed" veins.

Generally, patients will require sclerotherapy treatment first, as it is still the first option in treating spider veins. VeinGogh treatment is then recommended for any spider veins remaining that meet the criteria in size. Rest assured, Alsara Vein Clinic uses the most sophisticated technology available and highly skilled staff to meet your needs for spider vein removal treatments.

VeinGogh Spider Vein Treatment
The revolutionary VeinGogh Spider Vein Treatment

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Are Alsara Vein Clinic's Spider Vein Treatments Right for Me?

We offer Free Consultations to allow you to meet with our Board Certified Vein Specialists. We'll provide you with a detailed screening examination and a discussion of the best treatment options for your spider veins. Everyone is different, so it is critical you schedule a consultation with one of our vein specialists.

It is important when scheduling your spider vein treatment to consider the timing in which treatments are performed in relation to sun exposure. We recommend avoiding sun exposure (including tanning beds, etc.) 1-2 weeks after a treatment is performed. In addition, we recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater for 3 months post treatment.

The recipe for beautiful legs is here. We have a collection of the most effective spider vein treatment options available anywhere. View our before & after spider vein treatment gallery. Combined with our expertise and obsession for outstanding results, you can get the legs you always desired but never thought possible.

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Alsara Vein Clinic specializes in spider vein treatments using cryo sclerotherapy and VeinGogh.