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Spider Veins

spider vein treatment

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are the smaller versions of varicose veins caused by the same risk factors as underlying varicose veins. Based on the size of the surface veins (commonly referred to as “spider veins”), veins may be bluish in color (venulectasia), green (reticular veins) or red / purple (telangiectasia).

How are Spider Veins Treated?

At Alsara Vein Clinic, we have almost every treatment modality for the treatment of spider veins. Over the years, we have realized that “inside-out” is the best approach to give you an optimal, long lasting outcome. We first scan the affected areas using ultrasound looking for any “feeder” veins beneath the skin surface. If present, we use Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy to close an entire cluster of spider veins at its source beneath the skin that is otherwise not visible from the outside. Any remaining surface veins are then treated using Injection Sclerotherapy (the Gold Standard) by injecting medication (Sclerosant) directly into the affected surface veins. We use Ohmic Thermolysis or Surface Laser for any remaining veins that are not eligible for sclerotherapy due to their size or location (near ankle or foot). These modalities use a spectrum of light that targets spider veins from the outside and closes them by heating the hemoglobin within the affected veins.

Occasionally, veins near the surface of the skin are too large to treat with sclerotherapy and not small enough to treat with Ohmic Thermolysis or Surface Laser. Microphlebectomy is a minimally invasive treatment to remove larger surface veins including varicose veins that appear on the skin surface. This is not to be confused with surgical vein stripping, which is a much more invasive procedure performed in the hospital setting under general anesthesia and traditionally was used to remove larger, deeper varicose veins. Microphlebectomy is performed in the comfort of our office. Using very fine instruments, the unwanted bulging veins are removed through miniscule openings without need of sutures and typically without causing any scarring. The patient is able to resume normal activities quickly and is immediately rid of the unsightly veins that are removed permanently.

We go to extreme lengths to make sure the treatments are safe and effective, but as painless as possible.

Spider Vein Treatments

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