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World Class Vein Care in St. Joseph, MO

World Class Vein Care in St. Joseph, MO

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Varicose Veins Signs and Symptoms

Varicose Veins Signs and Symptoms

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Insurance We Typically Accept

Insurance We Typically Accept

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My Guide to Healthy Beautiful Legs

My Guide to Healthy Beautiful Legs

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Spider Vein Treatment

Spider Vein Treatment

Alsara Vein Clinic Showcase

Alsara Vein Clinic Showcase

Venous Disorders Simplified

Venous Disorders Simplified

Patient Ambassadors

"It takes courage to trust someone with your limb (and your life) but it takes greatness to then share your story with others."

– Sam Gupta, MD

  • Chris Sass

    Chris Sass

    "The reason I came [to Alsara Vein Clinic] was, as a typical male, I let my condition go. I have a history of varicose veins in the family. I stand at my job all day long. I realized I was starting to get some hyperpigmentation, some discoloring in the ankles. My legs started to really hurt me. I started to feel like they were really heavy. I was getting cramping at night, even cramping during the day when I'd be out running. I'd have some severe cramping in the calves, so I knew that if I wanted to stay active I needed to get this taken care of.

    The [treatment] recovery was quick. You're up and moving around the same day. You can't ask for anthing better than that. I learned not to wait when you're having problems with your legs. Come in, get the [free] consultation done, get your legs fixed, and it will be a whole new world for you."

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  • Ann Davies-Speer

    Ann Davies-Speer

    "[Alsara Vein Clinic] is not the typical medical establishment. You walk in, it's inviting, it's relaxing, it's a pleasant experience, which is certainly a nice approach to any kind of medical care. I really appreciate that.

    I was having a lot of discomfort with my legs. The worst part was the tightness in my leg and cramping. It was keeping me awake at night. I was losing sleep regularly. It was genuinely miserable and affecting my quality of life.

    [After treatment], it has really made my life so much more enjoyable and I do get much better sleep."

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  • Bill Luce

    Bill Luce

    "The reason I came [to Alsara Vein Clinic] is because I'd had a couple treatments at clinics in Kansas City that helped a little bit, but the remedy was only temporary. To be honest, I had more or less given up. I just figured that was the way it was going to be; for the rest of my life, I would have to deal with the pain and the cramping in my legs.

    I came in here just hoping that something could be done. Everyone was real positive and Dr. Gupta said they would be able to help me. And sure enough, they have. I feel much better.

    The main outcome I've had from my treatments is no pain. Now, I'm able to do anything I was able to do before. My legs feel 100% better."

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  • Shirley Kerns

    Shirley Kerns

    "I had heaviness, [leg] pain, a lot of movement in my legs, which they call ‘Restless Leg Syndrome,’ and it would bother me at night mostly. And since I’ve been coming here, he’s done a great job on me, a great job!

    Now I can ride in a car or plane without the aching that was before.  I sleep much better.  I don’t have the restless leg or the aching, so it is great that I can sleep without moving my legs all the time.  I’m so glad and I can walk without hurting.

    The treatments were very easy.  I didn’t have any pain, and I was very comfortable with the way the doctor did [the treatment].  I didn’t feel anything."

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  • Amy Hallquist

    Amy Hallquist

    "I was struggling with varicose veins since I was in high school, and they just progressively got worse." She developed blood clots after pregnancy and had a painful vein stripping procedure. Years later, she was experiencing increased leg problems. Not wanting to go through vein stripping again, she heard that our laser procedure was done in office.

    “I felt very comfortable after meeting Dr. Gupta. He was very calm and easy to understand, and he explained the whole procedure; explained what was going on in our vein system. Everyone was so friendly and inviting and caring. I didn’t feel out of place at all. The atmosphere was just really nice. I was very pleased to find out that insurance did cover it.

    "The treatment and recovery was very easy, very good. After the procedure here, I was able to go right back to work, walk, do anything that I was wanting to do. I am very grateful for finding Dr. Gupta. I feel like I have more freedom in my life.”

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  • Taryn Corman

    Taryn Corman

    "I’m a cardiovascular tech and I’ve had some leg and feet issues ever since I was about 18 years old. And so, throughout the years, I have tried to find what the issue was; what was causing the problem. That is when I learned about your clinic.

    My first impression that I had, after Dr. Gupta had said that we were going to try with the laser procedure, that I felt a little bit of relief and I had great hope that I would be able to be active again.

    Actually, for the treatment – laser procedure – there was no pain, [a] quick recovery, and I also had quick relief of all of the symptoms that I was experiencing. I would say, once the recovery process – about after 3 days – I could tell a difference. I would say, give it about one week, and I felt a major relief. It feels extremely good!"

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  • Julie Beger

    Julie Beger

    "I was at the doctor’s office and I’d seen something about 'veins,' and you’re like ‘Really? Veins can have a… ?' You know, you just don’t think that there’s an issue. And the more I read, then I asked my doctor, and she sent me here to you guys [Alsara Vein Clinic].

    The treatments were technically painless. I didn’t have any issues with pain or discomfort. I liked the way that he walked me through it, what he was going to do, how he did it. Love his helper, Kati. And they explained everything.

    It is a godsend. It has been a godsend. I mean, when you look back to where I was a year ago or so to where I am present day, there had to have been a difference that was made that most people don’t think about. So it’s like, haaaaah [exhales]. Oh my gosh, I did this, I did that. I’m moving. I’m standing a little bit longer. So, shy of a miracle."

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  • Gladys Kline

    Gladys Kline

    "I came into the Alsara Clinic because I had spider veins and they were really driving me crazy. And I really have a lot of pain behind the leg where those spider veins were, so I just kinda lived with fears. I never wore shorts or anything like that because they really looked bad.

    Earlier, when we would take long car rides to go see the kids, my leg and feet would swell. [My leg] got really heavy. Just to get out of the car, I’d have to lift my leg just to put it out there and stand up and get my leg [working]. It was miserable and I hated to go for long car rides."

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  • Linda Steeby

    Linda Steeby

    "When I walked in the door, the first thing I thought was ‘hmm, this is pretty cool!’. I had been to different places, and I came here and I am satisfied, very satisfied. Anyone that has leg problems, come see Dr. Gupta."

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  • Amanda Stoner

    Amanda Stoner

    "Alsara Clinic has been a great answer for my problems. And I was at my breaking point.

    I came to Alsara Clinic because I was having some difficulty with my legs. They were very swollen and itchy and I had tried for two years everything from topical creams, shots, different types of medications, and nothing was getting rid of it. So I came here as a last resort to see if there was anything that Dr. Gupta could do for me."

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  • Patrice Ruch

    Patrice Ruch

    "I came to the Alsara Clinic a couple months ago, I was having some pain in my legs, some heaviness, just really not feeling good about even how my leg looked. I had a great recommendation from a friend of mine and decided to actually fly up from Texas to see Dr. Gupta and his staff. Walking in definitely it was very warm and welcoming. It was very state-of-the-art, felt very welcomed here, felt really like I could tell them anything."

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  • Ron Steele

    Ron Steele

    "I had some awful, painful legs. I had circulation not going through my veins, had blockages in the veins. Cause I had this done once before - didn't work. I went through the old way, don't want it.

    Couldn’t ride in a car for very long. I had to get out, my leg was heavy. I had to get out of bed and lift my legs. Then I had to stand there a bit so I could get ‘em motivatin’."

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  • Mary Thornton

    Mary Thornton

    "Well, I’ve been having a lot of problems with my leg. I had a big vein taken out of my ankle years ago. Then I got all the pain and I thought ‘I need to do something’ because I couldn’t stand that pain. A girl who lives by me brought me the paper with the doctor’s name [Dr. Gupta] in there and his picture. So I came out one morning – it was on a Monday – and I told him what I wanted. I was so shocked whenever they said ‘When do you want to have this done?’ and I said ‘Whenever’ and she said ‘How about in the morning?’ and I was back in here the next day. Seemed like it didn’t take very long for him to even do it. [During the procedure] I even sat and talked to him [Dr. Gupta]. I really did appreciate having it done."

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  • Gisela Linn

    Gisela Linn

    "I am 73 years old and I did not know such treatment exists. But I trust Dr. Gupta and his Staff for the rest of the treatments. I feel so much better about life. Of course then there is healing and such. But the whole experience is so nice that I soon forgot how much pain I went thru in my life with my legs. I could just cry for hapiness."

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  • Dave Ingram

    Dave Ingram

    "I’d recommend it [laser treatment] to anybody, I would. The staff is top notch. I mean, it’s just a great, great, great place to go.

    [My vein] was so unsightly. It hurt and it just was something that needed to be taken care of, and I’m not gettin’ any younger and it’s not gonna get any better.

    [My leg] looks about 20 years younger. Yeah, there’s no vein whatsoever sticking out. You can’t even tell.

    I have more energy [now]. My legs… it doesn’t feel as heavy as it did before. I mean, there’s no discomfort whatsoever now. It’s like it never happened."

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Alsara Vein Clinic specializes in varicose vein and spider vein treatments

If you're experiencing restless legs, leg pain, leg cramps, heaviness, tired legs, swelling in feet, ankles or calves, skin discoloration, or ulcers, our in office laser vein treatments have helped thousands achieve relief with no downtime.  We offer Free Consultations and are located in St. Joseph, Missouri. Call 816-396-0245 or Toll-Free 844-425-7272.