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Treatment Process

On the Day of Your Laser Procedure:

Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA)


When you arrive, you will be asked to change into a pair of comfortable shorts that we provide you. If you choose, you may bring your own loose-fitting shorts.

Next, our vein specialist or our ultrasound technologist may perform a brief ultrasound scan and mark areas of interest on your leg. You are now are ready for our unique 4-step numbing process.

4-Step Numbing Process

Your comfort is extremely important to us. We strive to reduce any discomfort as much as possible. That's why Alsara Vein Clinic has developed an exclusive four-step numbing process to ensure your comfort every step of the way:

Our Exclusive 4-Step Numbing Process

  • 1. Cream

    Starting even before your procedure begins, we apply a cream to the skin on your leg. This cream is produced especially for us, and begins the numbing process while preparing your veins for a smooth procedure.

  • 2. Spray

    Immediately before any needle touches your skin, we utilize a special spray which further numbs the surface of your skin, further removing any discomfort.

  • 3. Technique

    While injecting more numbing medicine into the skin, we use a special technique which numbs the skin area for the next injection. That way, your skin is numbed from outside and in.

  • 4. Lining

    Just before the laser is used, we surround the problem vein with a special medicine which numbs, and provides a protective barrier between your vein and the surrounding tissue. Now, numbing is complete, and the laser energy is safely contained right where it needs to be.

Nitrous Oxide "Laughing Gas" Available

laughing gas availableAlthough treatments offered at Alsara Vein Clinic generally involve little or no pain, we also offer use of Nitrous Oxide to help take the edge off a patient’s anxiety, helping him or her to relax through the EVLA procedure.

Nitrous Oxide is the oldest, safest, and most fast-acting sedating agent available. It has been used for centuries and is currently used by over one-third of all dental practices.

Patients experience a sense of well-being, feel more relaxed and somewhat less aware of surroundings, as well as less responsive to any discomfort.

Nitrous oxide is breathed through a nasal mask and, after a state of relaxation is reached, local anesthesia is administered. Complications with nitrous oxide/oxygen are extremely rare. Its sedative effects are completely gone five minutes after it is stopped. It is eliminated through the normal breathing process. Patients are typically able to drive themselves home or to work. This option is available for a $30 charge at the me of your EVLA visit.

Needle-free Numbing System


If you are uncomfortable with needles, Alsara Vein Clinic offers a breakthrough needle-free numbing system. Instead of a needle, a pressurized numbing medication is injected through the skin pores using gas pressure. This system replaces Steps 2 & 3 indicated above.

J-Tip Needle-Free Numbing Available
J-Tip Needle-Free Numbing System Video

Laser Time

mascotAfter numbing, the next step is the actual use of the laser. This is a quick and painless procedure. As a bonus, we give you a very cool pair of glasses to wear (to protect your eyes from the laser) and a lollipop of your choice (to help alleviate a peculiar metallic taste that is sometimes experienced during the procedure).

Laser Treatment of Varicose Veins
Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) is a safe & effective varicose vein treatment


Before You Go Home (or Shopping!)

As soon as your laser treatment is complete, we will obtain some ultrasound images to ensure the target vein was treated successfully (yes, the effect is that fast) and help you with dressing and stockings. You are now good to go back to work (or shopping!)

Home Instructions

We will go over the easy-to-follow instructions before you leave our office.

You are welcome to resume normal activities immediately, including walking, low-impact activities, standing, or lifting moderate weights. In fact, staying active is crucial in keeping your calf muscles (leg pump) working. Now that we have shut down some of the bad veins in your superficial venous system, the good veins in your deep venous system will take over and rely on the pumping mechanism of your calf muscles more than ever before.

Although you are not quite ready for a marathon or heavyweight championship (or our Hot Leg Competition!), you will likely notice improvement as early as the night of the procedure. So go ahead and enjoy your legs!

In case you forgot to ask us something or have any concerns, there is no need to worry. We will call you the day after your procedure to check and see how you are doing and answer any additional questions.

On the Day of Your Non-Laser Procedure:

Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy (USGS) or Spider Treatment

We will offer you a pair of comfortable shorts or you can bring your own loose-fitting shorts. Ultrasound and/or Vein Lite is typically used to identify and mark the areas needing treatment. One or more numbing tools may be used to reduce all possible discomfort. These procedures require less time and preparation than Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA). Our vein specialist will treat you and determine a follow-up plan. All instructions are provided before you leave the office.

You will receive a follow-up phone call the day after the procedure to check on you and answer any additional questions.

You can always reach an on-call vein specialist 24/7 by calling 816-396-0245.