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Taryn Corman

Taryn Corman Testimonial

Taryn Corman Poster web I’m a cardiovascular tech and I’ve had some leg and feet issues ever since I was about 18 years old. And so, throughout the years, I have tried to find what the issue was; what was causing the problem. That is when I learned about your clinic.

Many treatments that I have tried, we went into lab work to x-ray, we’re never able to find the problem in anything. I had waited several months, kind of let things go to see if my doctor would end up doing any more testing. That was another great reason whenever I came here for my consultation, that we were going to go further here. Once you guys did my ultrasound, that is when Dr. Gupta said that I had some issues and he wanted to try the treatment. I have a lot of relief in my legs now.

Once I was billed with my insurance, I was very surprised that there was little cost to me.

I was a little bit nervous whenever I made the appointment and we were going to continue with the treatment. But the more that Dr. Gupta explained to me with very great detail, I felt more and more comfortable, and I was ready to make the appointment and go further with it. My first impression that I had, after Dr. Gupta had said that we were going to try with the laser procedure, that I felt a little bit of relief and I had great hope that I would be able to be active again.

Actually, for the treatment – laser procedure – there was no pain, [a] quick recovery, and I also had quick relief of all of the symptoms that I was experiencing. I would say, once the recovery process – about after 3 days – I could tell a difference. I would say, give it about one week, and I felt a major relief. The main thing after the treatment that I can tell that has helped the most is I don’t feel as if I’m an elephant standing on two little feet. All the pressure is gone and the weight has come off of my legs. It feels extremely good!

During the laser treatment, I guess “mosquito bites” is a good example for [the initial numbing pin pricks]. They were small. There wasn’t many. Once you had the complete numbing process, there was nothing that you could feel. During my recovery, after we had the treatment here at the office, everyone – the staff – helped me get my leggings on so I could leave, and I went on about my Friday evening to a painting class. There was no downtime.

[Before], it was just a lot of the restless leg. I felt like my legs were numb. I felt like I needed to get up, walk around, get some movement. There’s a lot of difference, anywhere from being in the car rides to just doing your normal activities, or me being at work just standing for long periods of time. [Now], a lot of it is gone.

Between Dr. Gupta and his polite bedside manner, and the staff – they’re great too, I’ve recommended and I’ve told people about your office. It’s a great place. Helped me a lot. I can say, Dr. Gupta will sit and talk to you and explain everything thoroughly to help you feel more relaxed about the treatment that you’d be be having.

I have a feeling, if I would not have had the procedure done, that I would still be at home trying to avoid a lot of activities, not getting out there and doing as much as what I could be doing or what I had been doing, so, it’s just been a big relief to me.