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Shirley Kerns

Shirley Kerns Testimonial

Shirley Kerns Poster web I had heaviness, [leg] pain, a lot of movement in my legs, which they call ‘Restless Leg Syndrome,’ and it would bother me at night mostly.  And since I’ve been coming here, he’s done a great job on me, a great job!

Now I can ride in a car or plane without the aching that was before.  I sleep much better.  I don’t have the restless leg or the aching, so it is great that I can sleep without moving my legs all the time.  I’m so glad and I can walk without hurting.

The treatments were very easy.  I didn’t have any pain, and I was very comfortable with the way the doctor did [the treatment].  I didn’t feel anything.

I came here because you’re right here in St. Joe.  I didn’t have to travel 30 minutes to Kansas City.  I’ve been to two different [clinics]and this [Alsara Vein Clinic] is the best.  I think it’s much better.  [You’re] friendlier than the other places I’ve been.  The doctor is very, very nice, very kind, and he explains things thoroughly.  I really like him.

I have inherited this vein disease from my mother and my father.  My mother had her [veins] stripped at least two times that I know of.  She always had trouble with her legs.

I started noticing them in my sixties because I walked about five miles every day.  I think that helped the circulation in my legs. But then I got kind of sick and I couldn’t get up and do what I normally did, and my legs really started hurting.  It was very uncomfortable.

The doctor was very thorough.  He would explain things so you could understand them He would take time to answer your questions.  It was excellent.  Recovery was excellent.  You have a little bruising sometimes but that all went away, it was very satisfying.

I was on a plane ride last year and my legs didn’t ache or anything, like they had before.  I can walk the dog a little farther now. He wants to go, so I go right behind him, and my legs are not hurting while I’m walking him.

My whole experience with the clinic has been wonderful.  I would tell everybody to come here.  The staff is wonderful.  The doctor is wonderful.  I just really like it here.

He’s a very kind doctor, he’s very concerned about how it feels, ”are you uncomfortable", he’s very concerned about how you are taking the treatment.  So, [I’m] very satisfied with him.  Dr. Gupta was very easy on me.

I love the staff.  They’re so friendly and helpful.  I have a lot of fun with them when I come.  I’m very satisfied.

I would absolutely recommend this clinic to people with vein problems.​