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Ron Steele

Ron Steele Testimonial

Ron Steele Poster web I had some awful, painful legs. I had circulation not going through my veins, had blockages in the veins. Cause I had this done once before - didn't work. I went through the old way, don't want it.

Couldn’t ride in a car for very long. I had to get out, my leg was heavy. I had to get out of bed and lift my legs. Then I had to stand there a bit so I could get ‘em motivatin’.

And not anymore. I slept good last night - couldn’t believe it. This laser's great. I can sit in a boat now. I don't have to stand up all the time. I can sit down and relax, fish and mushroom hunt. Just excited I got my legs back. Cause it was gettin' where they gonna take 'em off.

This place is just awesome. He's [Dr. Gupta] a great doctor. I'd recommend him to anybody.

Ain't no wheel chair for me!