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Patrice Ruch

Patrice Ruch Testimonial

Patrice Ruch Poster web I came to the Alsara Clinic a couple months ago, I was having some pain in my legs, some heaviness, just really not feeling good about even how my leg looked. I had a great recommendation from a friend of mine and decided to actually fly up from Texas to see Dr. Gupta and his staff. Walking in definitely it was very warm and welcoming. It was very state-of-the-art, felt very welcomed here, felt really like I could tell them anything.

[Varicose and spider veins] was something I had dealt with for years. My mother actually had varicose veins and I really didn’t understand that that was a hereditary issue. So he [Dr. Gupta] really helped me realize, I can do something about this, and really feel like I can work out and walk and feel good afterwards instead of, just laying on the couch for the rest of the evening because my leg didn’t feel good.

[The treatment] was painless. They sat and chatted with me through it. I didn’t even know it had really started because I was laying on the bed, and then it was over. I was able to get back up and go about my day the rest of the day. So hardly any recovery time. It was great.

It really has impacted my life. My husband and I travel quite a bit, I walk six to eight miles-a-day, I hit the gym almost every day, and now I feel like I can do that without any pain. I have to admit, too, varicose veins on my left leg, they were unsightly, and I wear a lot of shorts. I live in Texas and we wear a lot of swim suits and we travel, so just knowing I have confidence that I can feel my best and look my best, and I have to thank Dr. Gupta and his staff for that.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Gupta; but not only him, really his staff. From the time you walk in – the front desk receptionist, the office manager, techs, the nurses, Dr. Gupta – they all make you feel very welcome. I really appreciated them and can tell that they really enjoy their job, and I think that that’s perfect to have that sort of passion for your job, and that comes across with the staff and Dr. Gupta.

If you are having some issues, get it taken care of, or at least come in. I know that Dr. Gupta does have free consultations, and so it’s an hour out of your day, it will make your life feel so much better when you get something taken care of in your legs: your varicose veins or your spider veins. It really has improved my life quite a bit.