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Mary Thornton

Mary Thornton Testimonial

Mary Thornton Poster web Well, I’ve been having a lot of problems with my leg. I had a big vein taken out of my ankle years ago. Then I got all the pain and I thought ‘I need to do something’ because I couldn’t stand that pain. A girl who lives by me brought me the paper with the doctor’s name [Dr. Gupta] in there and his picture. So I came out one morning – it was on a Monday – and I told him what I wanted. I was so shocked whenever they said ‘When do you want to have this done?’ and I said ‘Whenever’ and she said ‘How about in the morning?’ and I was back in here the next day. Seemed like it didn’t take very long for him to even do it. [During the procedure] I even sat and talked to him [Dr. Gupta]. I really did appreciate having it done.

It’s been four months or a little better now, and I feel great right now. Really, really glad. I just needed to get that fixed so I could get out and walk and get some exercise. Just couldn’t do that before. So, I hope that I can lose about thirty pounds, and then I’d be a happy camper.

[Dr. Gupta] is a really nice man to have for a doctor; very nice and polite, and so was the nurse. I like everybody here. I really do. And I really appreciated them [Alsara Clinic] coming to St. Joe. Very nice people.

If you have to have anything done, you really need to make an appointment and talk to everyone and just get your feel for what you would be going through; and it’s really not that bad. I enjoyed laying there and talking to him. I’ll be back to see them probably for my other one [leg]!

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