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Gladys Kline

Gladys Kline Testimonial

Gladys Kline Poster web I came into the Alsara Clinic because I had spider veins and they were really driving me crazy. And I really have a lot of pain behind the leg where those spider veins were, so I just kinda lived with fears. I never wore shorts or anything like that because they really looked bad.

Earlier, when we would take long car rides to go see the kids, my leg and feet would swell. [My leg] got really heavy. Just to get out of the car, I’d have to lift my leg just to put it out there and stand up and get my leg [working]. It was miserable and I hated to go for long car rides.

One day my husband found this flyer in the mail and so, made the call, came in, and the staff was amazing! Dr. Gupta was so good about explaining everything, I just couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

As far as the treatments go, I really thought at first they were going to be kinda painful. They weren’t bad at all, especially the spider veins – it’s a real quick little treatment, just a little sting like a mosquito bite. It just wasn’t bad at all. And the recovery time is so minimal. You can go right back to work. It’s no big deal. Anybody can do it.

Recently, since I’ve had the laser done, we went for a long car ride and I didn’t have any problems. No swelling, no having to lift my leg to get out of the car, I just immediately got out, and I realized 'wow'. So it’s been amazing. I completely can tell the difference.

I highly recommend it. If you have any problems with your legs: if they’re hurting, if they’re heavy, if you just don’t like how they are looking, [the treatment is] really not that bad. It’s worth it, it really is. Don’t put it off.

I would much rather be pain free and have the energy in my legs to run around and catch those five grandkids! I just highly recommend it.​