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Gisela Linn

Please describe your experience with us:

Front Desk staff:
So friendly.
Ultrasound Technologist:
Very professional and helpful.
Provider/Doctor/Nurse Practitioner:
I wish there were more doctors like Dr. Sam.
Billing/Patient Account Services:
Very nice.
Call Center/Patient Service Center:
Very pleasing.
What made you choose us?
I saw a pamphlet at Covenant Health Spa.
What symptoms were you experiencing?
Bad heavy tired legs. Wanted to sit on couch all the time.
How were you affected by your legs previously? What couldn't you do? How has that changed now?
No sleep without pain pills. Restless leg syndrome (no more problems on the right treated leg)
What improvements have you seen in your legs?
I have so much energy now from one leg treatment. No kramps [cramps] on the right leg.
Additional Comments: What did you appreciate? What makes us different than other medical clinics? What could we have done better to exceed your expectations? What changes would you like to see?
I am 73 years old and I did not know such treatment exists. But I trust Dr. Gupta and his Staff for the rest of the treatments. I feel so much better about life. Of course then there is healing and such. But the whole experience is so nice that I soon forgot how much pain I went thru in my life with my legs. I could just cry for hapiness.

linn gisela