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Dave Ingram

Dave Ingram Testimonial

Dave Ingram Poster web My name’s Dave Ingram and I like to spend a little bit of time in the gym and spend time with family and friends, hang out at the pool, just do what most parents like to do with their kids.

I’d recommend it [laser treatment] to anybody, I would. The staff is top notch. I mean, it’s just a great, great, great place to go.

It was painful. I mean, it looked like I had a snake coming up my leg, and it was just ridiculous. You know, if I wore shorts, I’d be talking to somebody and instead of lookin’ me in the eyes, they were looking down at my leg ‘cause it was so unsightly. And it hurt and it just, ah, was something that needed to be taken care of, and I’m not gettin’ any younger and it’s not gonna get any better.

And [after treatment] it feels a lot better, it does.

Whenever I walk, like at the mall, or walk, you know, people aren’t like lookin’ at my calves, you know, and saying “Wow, what is that on his leg?’. It’s like I don’t want to be noticed for that, you know, and I’m not now… yeah, sort of incognito.

My leg] looks about 20 years younger. Yeah, there’s no vein whatsoever sticking out. You can’t even tell.

[Dr. Gupta] is very informative. His demeanor, he’s just so laid-back and casual and just so easy to talk to. You know, he goes into details on whatever you want to talk about. I mean, he’s very informative. But, ah, yeah, he’s a heck of a doctor. I liked him.

Most people don’t realize it – depending on what your job is – you could probably go back to work immediately, you know, as long as you wear your compression stockings and maybe take some ibuprofen, you know. But there’s really no downtime.

I have more energy [now]. My legs… it doesn’t feel as heavy as it did before. I mean, there’s no discomfort whatsoever now. It’s like it never happened. It’s amazing.