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Bill Luce

Bill Luce Testimonial

Bill Luce Poster web The main outcome I’ve had from my treatments is no pain.  I expected to live the rest of my life in pain because of the failed treatments I’ve had in the past.  And now I’m able to do anything I was before.  My legs feel like when I was 20 – and I’m not 20!

I spend a lot of time standing on my feet.  The reason I came here is because I’d had a couple other treatments in Kansas City at clinics down there, and while they helped a little bit, the remedy was only temporary.  And, to be honest, I’d more or less given up.  I just figured that was the way it was going to be for the rest of my life.  I would just have to deal with the pain and the cramping in my legs.

I came in here just hoping that something could be done, and everyone was real positive, and Dr. Gupta said they would be able to help me.  And sure enough, they have, and I feel much better.

There was something about Dr. Gupta that made me feel that there was hope.  I asked him ‘I want you to be honest with me. Will you be able to help my legs?  They’ve had a couple of treatments.’  And he said ‘I would not tell you that we could help you unless I’m sure we can’ and he said that they could, and he was right.

I was anxious to get the treatment done.  I wanted the pain to stop.  And [during the procedure] there was really no pain at at all.  It was just a little bite or twinge as they would insert things into my leg.  But, no, it was not painful at all.  I would not let the fear of pain to keep someone from coming in here because it was not a painful procedure at all.

I did not feel a great deal of pain.  I was more curious what they were doing, particularly when they turned on the laser and I was able to see my leg glow. Ha ha!  It was interesting!  Whoa, my leg!  My wife was in the room with me – my leg was glowing!  The amazing thing, though, was when it was done.  I got up and I was able to walk out of here, and instantly my leg felt better.

My legs are 100% better.  I mean I have no pain.  [My legs] do not keep me up at night.  My legs do not cramp.  I have Dr. Gupta and his staff here to thank for that.  I mean my legs feel a 100% better.

I could not be more positive about the experience I had here.  My expectations were more than met.  The staff was friendly.  My treatments were timely.  The doctor took the time with me to tell me what the procedure was so I would know what to expect.  He talked to me through the entire procedure so I knew what was going on, which I appreciated.  They followed up.  They helped me to schedule appointments.  They called me and made sure that my recovery was going well at home.  So I’m totally pleased with the experience here and would recommend it to anyone.

Before, when I went to the other clinics,  I thought the treatment was basically limited to Sclerotherapy, which was the shots.  I did not know that there were other therapies  involved, that the laser therapy was a procedure that could be used.  And so when I heard about it, I didn’t know – because some of my veins had been partially treated – that that would be an option for me, and Dr. Gupta informed me that it was.  And so, yes, I learned more about varicose veins than I had been told at other clinics. So, yes, I did learn a great deal.

Dr. Gupta is an amazing man.  He has a tremendous sense of humor, and that really helps during your treatment process.  He puts a smile on your face as he’s treating you, which is amazing, as someone is poking around your leg, that he is able to do that.  I’m also impressed with his knowledge and his skill at what he does.  It’s amazing that he is able to treat my veins and to do it in a painless way.  I cannot say enough about him.

The staff is phenomenal.  They go out of there way to do everything they can for you.  They assisted me.  They answered questions.  They treated me like a friend as I came in.  They always have a smile on their face.  They seem to be very approachable.  They’re a very good bunch of people.  He should be proud of the staff he has working for him.  I’m sure that he is. 

I have recommended Dr. Gupta to other people.  Yes, I would be more than happy to recommend him to anyone who is experiencing any leg pain.  It costs nothing to find out.  The consultation is free.  Why not come in and have your legs checked out.  When they describe their legs are aching or cramping, I would recommend that they come in and have them checked out.

Alsara [Vein Clinic] has made a difference in my life journey because I’m able to do the things that I’ve always wanted to do now.  I can walk.  I can go places.  I don’t have to deal with the nightly pain that I had before.  And so it has greatly improved my life journey.  I can walk now without any pain, and that’s always been something that I have a passion for is walking.  We go to a senior gym and I’m able to do that and exercise fully, and I don’t have any problems.  I’m able to do what I want to do without my legs bothering me, and that’s made a world of difference.

We’re a dog family.  We had a bearded collie before, a greyhound, and we walked him every morning on Faraon [St.], regardless of the weather.  And now that we have a new dog, we’re resuming that activity.  The difference is:  I now do it pain-free.​