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Amanda Stoner

Amanda Stoner Testimonial

Amanda Stoner Poster web Alsara Clinic has been a great answer for my problems. And I was at my breaking point.

I came to Alsara Clinic because I was having some difficulty with my legs. They were very swollen and itchy and I had tried for two years everything from topical creams, shots, different types of medications, and nothing was getting rid of it. So I came here as a last resort to see if there was anything that Dr. Gupta could do for me.

When I came to Alsara for my mapping experience, I was very excited, and the tech that did my ultrasound was very friendly. When I had my procedure done, the room was very comfortable. I was able to relax and rest, and knowing that the staff was going to take care of me. Dr. Gupta came in and explained the procedure, and it went very well.

Since treatment, I don’t have any of those symptoms at all. I can work my bartending job and be on my feet all day and I don’t get that tired feeling anymore. I don’t have the aches; I don’t have the itching; I don’t have any of those urges anymore. I’m very thankful. And I can walk. The day that it was done, I didn’t stop going to work. I didn’t sit around the house. I stayed active. A week later, it’s like it never happened.

The staff here are amazing. They’re always nice and friendly, above and beyond; whether it was questions or assistance. I was having trouble getting compression socks in St. Joe, so the staff called around to Kansas City and about the seventh place, they were able to locate a place that I could go to get the supplies that I needed. They could’ve just said, ‘you’re just going to have to order them and wait three or four days’. I didn’t want to have to wait. They go above and beyond, and that starts with your receptionist clear through to the techs, and definitely Dr. Gupta. I’m very blessed to have come here and had the treatment done.

I plan on taking my son to Disneyland next month, and as soon as the other leg heals, I’ll go get some capris and we’re going to go to the beach!

For anybody that has any type of Restless Leg Syndrome, spider veins, varicose veins, swelling, edema, anything, it’s a free consultation so why not try and see if Dr. Gupta can help you. Even for someone without insurance, the treatments are definitely affordable. It’s worth it. It will change your life.