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Gisela Linn

Gisela Linn Testimonial

Gisela Linn Poster web I came here a year ago, showed everybody my ugly legs – hah! And I made an appointment, and Dr. Gupta and staff worked on it. It was a year ago, and I had – oh my goodness – I had pain for 64 years because I had the [varicose] veins when I was 10.

I started having very bad varicose veins. And so they did the laser treatment on both legs, and immediately I felt relief. So, every since, I have more energy. I do more things. My husband likes me better. I’m not as grouchy from the pain. Restless Leg Syndrome is gone. I can watch a whole movie for two or three hours without getting… fidgeting back and forth – my legs – and so on.

I just feel really blessed at this time in my life that I have legs that I can… that have no pain.

My husband says ‘What’s wrong with you?’ for forty-some years. It was miserable. It really was. It’s just… driving to Kansas City and home, my legs would be swelled up so bad, it takes three days for the swelling to go down.

At the Alsara Vein Clinic, it’s very comfortable to come in to. The girls that work here are very friendly – always have been. Dr. Gupta is absolutely the best doctor I’ve ever met. Ha! Bedside manners plus! I don’t feel anything when he works on it. He’s very conscientious. The girls are very conscientious. It’s a pleasure to come here.

Oh, I would recommend everyone that has vein problems, I would recommend go to Alsara Clinic and get your treatment. You feel so much better. Your life will change a hundred percent.

Stacy Turner

Stacy Turner Testimonial

Stacy Turner Poster web I was born and raised in St. Joseph. I work at Missouri Western State University. I have two children and six grandchildren.

I had had pain in my leg for quite some time. I had been to my primary care doctor and [was] told that I had phlebitis. They would give me medication and it would never completely go away. It finally got to the point that I began to worry whether or not I had a blood clot, because it was very sore to touch and it was a bit warm. So I went to an urgent care clinic and was told ‘no, it’s not a blood clot’ and sent home. And I just felt like there was something else going on.

And so – after my friend had been here and had such a great experience – I thought maybe this is what I need to check out. So I made an appointment and came in for a consultation and, sure enough, two blood clots were found the day that I was here.

The two big things that I noticed with my problems that I had in my leg were: it was very painful to touch. It would also be sore in that area. Sometimes, when I walked, I would have pain. And then at night I had terrible leg cramps, and I would have restless legs. They would be twitching all the time.

The pain in my leg would bother me quite a bit when I would be driving or sitting for a long period of time. And I have to travel a lot for my job. And there were times my leg would just be so sore just sitting in the car.

Well, when I first heard about it from my coworker, and she was explaining how you had helped her and what a positive experience that she had had, I started thinking ‘you know, maybe that’s what I really should check into and see if that might be able to solve my problems. If I came to you, I could find out for sure what was going on with my leg. And so, of course I was a little apprehensive coming, and I was apprehensive with the treatment, but honestly, it was not a big deal at all, and it was so worth doing it.

I would say that my experience from the first time I walked in the door until now has been very positive. Everyone has been very professional. The staff I consider friends, as well as the people who are taking care of me. Dr. Gupta has been excellent in educating me and making sure that I was comfortable. And I’ve always been encouraged to be back in touch if I have any concerns about any issues with my legs.

The outcome from my treatment has been that I am able to go to sleep at night knowing that I am not going to wake up with any cramping in my legs. I have no problems with the restless legs anymore, and it’s just nice to be able to relax. The biggest change it’s made is that I am able to sleep at night, and get a good nights sleep, and not have to worry about waking up because of the cramping.

Not only would I recommend that someone with vein problems come here, but I have recommended someone with vein problems come here. We were having a conversation about the problems in my legs and the problems in her legs, and she hadn’t really considered that it could be a vein issue. And since then, she has gone for treatment, as well, so.

Chris Sass

Chris Sass Testimonial

Chris Sass Poster web Well the first impression was no wait time. And the staff was tremendous, very helpful. You know, they led me where I needed to go. They answered all my questions. It was just an awesome experience coming here versus some of the other places I’ve had to go to where there’s a wait time.Well the first impression was no wait time. And the staff was tremendous, very helpful. You know, they led me where I needed to go. They answered all my questions. It was just an awesome experience coming here versus some of the other places I’ve had to go to where there’s a wait time.

The reason I came was, as a typical male, I let my condition go.  I had a history of varicose veins in the family.  I’ve had a couple of sisters that have had some treatment done.  I stand at my job all day long.  I had to wear compression stockings because I realized I was starting to get some hyperpigmentation, some discoloring in the ankles.  My legs started to really hurt me.  I started to feel like they were getting real heavy.  I was getting cramping at night, even cramping during the day when I’d be out running.  I’d have some severe cramping in the calves, so I knew that if I wanted to stay active I needed to get this taken care of.

I knew that it was an issue and I needed to take care of it, having a family history of varicose veins, having a couple sisters that had the procedures done.  Mine were visible, so I knew I had to take care of my legs.

The recovery was quick.  I mean you’re up and moving around the same day, so, I mean, you can’t ask for anything better than that. So when I run, I used to use athletic compression stockings just below the knee.  Now, I don’t even use those anymore. I don’t have to. I don’t experience the calf pain, the cramping.

One of the things on my bucket list is to run a marathon before I get too old.  I’ve completed three half marathons, so that’s on my bucket list and I would like to complete that.

I learned not to wait when you have problems with your legs.  Put your pride behind you, come in, get the free consultation done, get your legs fixed, and it will be a whole new world for you. 

It’s like I’ve got a new set of legs.  At my age, that means a lot.  I can continue to golf, hunting activities, run, and not have those issues anymore.

On the golf course, when my brother-in-law, whose a physician, took a look and said ‘wow, I’m going to have to get my legs done’ (because he has a similar situation), too.  Yeah, my wife said she does notice the fact that my legs look a lot smoother, better color, and I don’t complain about my legs anymore.​

Anne Davies-Speer

Anne Davies-Speer Testimonial

Ann Davies Speer Poster web I was having a lot of discomfort with my legs.  I had one very large vein that was very unpleasant looking to me.  But the worst part was the tightness in my leg and cramping.  It was keeping me awake at night.  I was losing sleep regularly.  Whether I was sitting, standing, I would get leg cramps.  It was genuinely miserable and affecting my quality of my life.

The absolutely best part, I think about it, was the explanations. Again, that goes back to the ‘professional but kind’ that you do here.  So often in a medical setting, they’ll explain something, but you just go ‘uh huh, uh huh’.  But here, the explanations are down to earth, and they are walked through so carefully.  And you don’t feel intimidated, so if I had questions, I would certainly ask.  But, I understood what this procedure was going to be completely before it was done, and during, so that was excellent.

It’s been overall a pretty super experience.  I have benefitted from it.  It has certainly improved the quality of my life.  And now I’m ready to get the other leg done, ‘cause I want a matching pair! 

I would recommend this [leg treatment] for anyone.  It’s been just an overall first class experience.

The staff here, it’s a lovely bunch of ladies.  I was charmed.  I felt quite spoiled.  My desire to get coffee as soon as we were done was met with – somebody brought me coffee – it was just nice little touches!  And when you walk in the door, that hello, that smile is always consistent.  I’m sure they must have bad days like the rest of us but they do not let it show with their patients!

Its definitely, really improved my quality of life.  Everything I love to do – whether it’s gardening, exercising, traveling – the treatment here has improved that.  I’m ready to get my other leg done.  I would encourage anybody to do this.  It has really made my life so much more enjoyable, and I do get much better sleep, which is good for me and good for the people I care about.  

I would certainly recommend anyone to come here to Alsara [Vein Clinic].  Just come and talk.  You know, you don’t have to make that commitment, which was very good for me because, as I said, I had some previous ideas that were not correct.  Just coming in and talking to the staff here is going to get you the information you need to make informed choices.  That’s what I like to do – I like to make informed choices.  And I got all the information I needed here, and I made my own choice, and I was very happy with that choice.

It is wonderful on a life journey to get the medical care that you need.  As a person that is aging somewhat, I am more aware of what I need physically to support my travels and my journeying and just my everyday life.  So having come here, I consider this one of my supports.  When I need any help or assistance in the future, I will certainly come here because that’s what ‘life’s a journey’ is about.  My personal motto is ‘it’s better to travel hopefully than arrive’ and I’m happy to partner with Alsara to make that trip.

Gardening is one of one of my passions and that was very uncomfortable before.  So I love the gardening.  I love being able to walk my dog – I’m not sure whose walking who – but I can keep up with her a little bit better now.  Just to be able to sit comfortably.  That sounds rather simple, but if you want to sit and relax and read and you can’t, because you’re constantly aware of this twitching, and swelling, and uncomfortableness in your leg, that detracts from having a leisurely, relaxing time.  So if anything, I would say, I can relax better now.​

Bill Luce

Bill Luce Testimonial

Bill Luce Poster web The main outcome I’ve had from my treatments is no pain.  I expected to live the rest of my life in pain because of the failed treatments I’ve had in the past.  And now I’m able to do anything I was before.  My legs feel like when I was 20 – and I’m not 20!

I spend a lot of time standing on my feet.  The reason I came here is because I’d had a couple other treatments in Kansas City at clinics down there, and while they helped a little bit, the remedy was only temporary.  And, to be honest, I’d more or less given up.  I just figured that was the way it was going to be for the rest of my life.  I would just have to deal with the pain and the cramping in my legs.

I came in here just hoping that something could be done, and everyone was real positive, and Dr. Gupta said they would be able to help me.  And sure enough, they have, and I feel much better.

There was something about Dr. Gupta that made me feel that there was hope.  I asked him ‘I want you to be honest with me. Will you be able to help my legs?  They’ve had a couple of treatments.’  And he said ‘I would not tell you that we could help you unless I’m sure we can’ and he said that they could, and he was right.

I was anxious to get the treatment done.  I wanted the pain to stop.  And [during the procedure] there was really no pain at at all.  It was just a little bite or twinge as they would insert things into my leg.  But, no, it was not painful at all.  I would not let the fear of pain to keep someone from coming in here because it was not a painful procedure at all.

I did not feel a great deal of pain.  I was more curious what they were doing, particularly when they turned on the laser and I was able to see my leg glow. Ha ha!  It was interesting!  Whoa, my leg!  My wife was in the room with me – my leg was glowing!  The amazing thing, though, was when it was done.  I got up and I was able to walk out of here, and instantly my leg felt better.

My legs are 100% better.  I mean I have no pain.  [My legs] do not keep me up at night.  My legs do not cramp.  I have Dr. Gupta and his staff here to thank for that.  I mean my legs feel a 100% better.

I could not be more positive about the experience I had here.  My expectations were more than met.  The staff was friendly.  My treatments were timely.  The doctor took the time with me to tell me what the procedure was so I would know what to expect.  He talked to me through the entire procedure so I knew what was going on, which I appreciated.  They followed up.  They helped me to schedule appointments.  They called me and made sure that my recovery was going well at home.  So I’m totally pleased with the experience here and would recommend it to anyone.

Before, when I went to the other clinics,  I thought the treatment was basically limited to Sclerotherapy, which was the shots.  I did not know that there were other therapies  involved, that the laser therapy was a procedure that could be used.  And so when I heard about it, I didn’t know – because some of my veins had been partially treated – that that would be an option for me, and Dr. Gupta informed me that it was.  And so, yes, I learned more about varicose veins than I had been told at other clinics. So, yes, I did learn a great deal.

Dr. Gupta is an amazing man.  He has a tremendous sense of humor, and that really helps during your treatment process.  He puts a smile on your face as he’s treating you, which is amazing, as someone is poking around your leg, that he is able to do that.  I’m also impressed with his knowledge and his skill at what he does.  It’s amazing that he is able to treat my veins and to do it in a painless way.  I cannot say enough about him.

The staff is phenomenal.  They go out of there way to do everything they can for you.  They assisted me.  They answered questions.  They treated me like a friend as I came in.  They always have a smile on their face.  They seem to be very approachable.  They’re a very good bunch of people.  He should be proud of the staff he has working for him.  I’m sure that he is. 

I have recommended Dr. Gupta to other people.  Yes, I would be more than happy to recommend him to anyone who is experiencing any leg pain.  It costs nothing to find out.  The consultation is free.  Why not come in and have your legs checked out.  When they describe their legs are aching or cramping, I would recommend that they come in and have them checked out.

Alsara [Vein Clinic] has made a difference in my life journey because I’m able to do the things that I’ve always wanted to do now.  I can walk.  I can go places.  I don’t have to deal with the nightly pain that I had before.  And so it has greatly improved my life journey.  I can walk now without any pain, and that’s always been something that I have a passion for is walking.  We go to a senior gym and I’m able to do that and exercise fully, and I don’t have any problems.  I’m able to do what I want to do without my legs bothering me, and that’s made a world of difference.

We’re a dog family.  We had a bearded collie before, a greyhound, and we walked him every morning on Faraon [St.], regardless of the weather.  And now that we have a new dog, we’re resuming that activity.  The difference is:  I now do it pain-free.​

Shirley Kerns

Shirley Kerns Testimonial

Shirley Kerns Poster web I had heaviness, [leg] pain, a lot of movement in my legs, which they call ‘Restless Leg Syndrome,’ and it would bother me at night mostly.  And since I’ve been coming here, he’s done a great job on me, a great job!

Now I can ride in a car or plane without the aching that was before.  I sleep much better.  I don’t have the restless leg or the aching, so it is great that I can sleep without moving my legs all the time.  I’m so glad and I can walk without hurting.

The treatments were very easy.  I didn’t have any pain, and I was very comfortable with the way the doctor did [the treatment].  I didn’t feel anything.

I came here because you’re right here in St. Joe.  I didn’t have to travel 30 minutes to Kansas City.  I’ve been to two different [clinics]and this [Alsara Vein Clinic] is the best.  I think it’s much better.  [You’re] friendlier than the other places I’ve been.  The doctor is very, very nice, very kind, and he explains things thoroughly.  I really like him.

I have inherited this vein disease from my mother and my father.  My mother had her [veins] stripped at least two times that I know of.  She always had trouble with her legs.

I started noticing them in my sixties because I walked about five miles every day.  I think that helped the circulation in my legs. But then I got kind of sick and I couldn’t get up and do what I normally did, and my legs really started hurting.  It was very uncomfortable.

The doctor was very thorough.  He would explain things so you could understand them He would take time to answer your questions.  It was excellent.  Recovery was excellent.  You have a little bruising sometimes but that all went away, it was very satisfying.

I was on a plane ride last year and my legs didn’t ache or anything, like they had before.  I can walk the dog a little farther now. He wants to go, so I go right behind him, and my legs are not hurting while I’m walking him.

My whole experience with the clinic has been wonderful.  I would tell everybody to come here.  The staff is wonderful.  The doctor is wonderful.  I just really like it here.

He’s a very kind doctor, he’s very concerned about how it feels, ”are you uncomfortable", he’s very concerned about how you are taking the treatment.  So, [I’m] very satisfied with him.  Dr. Gupta was very easy on me.

I love the staff.  They’re so friendly and helpful.  I have a lot of fun with them when I come.  I’m very satisfied.

I would absolutely recommend this clinic to people with vein problems.​

Amy Hallquist

Amy Hallquist Testimonial

Amy Hallquist Poster web The symptoms that I had is I was struggling with varicose veins since I was in high school, and they just progressively got worse. I was having lots of swelling in my - it was mainly my right leg - I was having lots of swelling in it. Walking, it was throbbing, and I just could not tolerate much, I mean, being in an upright position very much.

I was pregnant with both of my children and ended up having blood clots with my first child, and then I had vein stripping after each pregnancy. And the vein stripping procedure was just very painful, and I wasn’t really wanting to do it again. But then, after 10 years later, I was having increased problems again and decided it was time to do it. So I had seen a where this place was doing the laser and I thought ‘well, I'm going to give it a try’ and see if it was any better.

It affected my daily routines. I finally started wearing compression garments, which helped, but still by the end of the day, they were tired and sore and throbbing. And if I was up walking a lot during the day, which I do anyway with my job, then they were just swollen and throbbing and very heavy and painful.

I was feeling nervous about coming through and doing it again because the vein stripping procedure was such a hard procedure to go through. And so I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go through anything like that again. But I knew that I couldn’t continue to have the heavy leg syndrome and just being in the pain everyday, so I was really kind of questioning whether laser could take care of it, because I had to have the vein stripping before, so I was really kind of second guessing whether it would even work.

I felt very comfortable after meeting Dr. Gupta. He was very calm and easy to understand, and he explained the whole procedure; explained what was going on in our vein system, um, very compassionate man. I’m just very pleased that I was able to meet him, and I was just really pleased with how he presented himself and how he presented what was was wrong, you know, what could be wrong with me. I hadn’t had the ultrasound done yet, but, just explaining the process of how veins work, so I was very comfortable with staying here and having the procedure.

Everyone was so friendly and inviting and caring. I didn’t feel out of place at all. The atmosphere was just really nice. It was a really pretty office. It was nicely kept clean. So I just really enjoyed walking in the door.

The staff is very friendly and very warming, and I just felt very comfortable coming in here and doing anything with payments or just getting my appointments. It’s easy. They call me to remind me of appointments, and I just can’t say enough about staff. They’re fantastic people.

I was very pleased to find out that insurance did cover it.

The treatment and recovery was very easy, very good. After the procedure here, I was able to go right back to work, walk, do anything that I was wanting to do. I was very happy with the treatment afterwards. The recovery was extremely fast versus the stripping. I was up and going the same day, whereas the stripping, I was down for almost almost a week and in a lot of pain. I just had mild discomfort during the procedure and that was it. I was up and out walking, and I was surprised that I was able to get out and going that fast.

Now, I can travel, I can fly, and I don’t have any pain at all or any increased swelling right now. [I’m] just ready to enjoy my life and get out there, and I’m extremely grateful for Alsara Clinic.

I am very grateful for finding Dr. Gupta. I feel like I have more freedom in my life. I can go out. I can work out. I can run without feeling the heaviness in my leg or increased swelling. I was extremely surprised how the procedure went and how easy it was to do, and how much better I felt at the end. So I am very pleased with Dr. Gupta and his staff, with the procedure. And I would highly recommend if you have any kind of vein issues just to come in and get it checked out.

I would highly recommend anyone with a vein problem to come to Alsara Clinic to get it checked out and get a recommendation on how to help them. I mean, it’s a fantastic place and I can’t say how much I appreciate everything that they have done for me. To know that there is hope out there – that there is a procedure that does not include stripping of the veins – is fantastic. I mean, I’m extremely happy that I came.

It has made a difference in my journey just because now I can get out, and I can go to all of my children’s sporting events, and walk around all day and not have an increased swelling in my leg. When I get home, it’s not throbbing. I can continue to come home and do my laundry, and clean the house, and do everything that I can do. I’m not sitting down and trying to prop my leg up, saying that ‘hey, I have to get off it’. Whereas, before, if I had activities all day long, I would be going home and elevating my leg ‘til the throbbing would go away. Now, I can go to all the sporting events, come home, maybe go work out, or come home and finish all my house activities, and I am feeling great.​

Taryn Corman

Taryn Corman Testimonial

Taryn Corman Poster web I’m a cardiovascular tech and I’ve had some leg and feet issues ever since I was about 18 years old. And so, throughout the years, I have tried to find what the issue was; what was causing the problem. That is when I learned about your clinic.

Many treatments that I have tried, we went into lab work to x-ray, we’re never able to find the problem in anything. I had waited several months, kind of let things go to see if my doctor would end up doing any more testing. That was another great reason whenever I came here for my consultation, that we were going to go further here. Once you guys did my ultrasound, that is when Dr. Gupta said that I had some issues and he wanted to try the treatment. I have a lot of relief in my legs now.

Once I was billed with my insurance, I was very surprised that there was little cost to me.

I was a little bit nervous whenever I made the appointment and we were going to continue with the treatment. But the more that Dr. Gupta explained to me with very great detail, I felt more and more comfortable, and I was ready to make the appointment and go further with it. My first impression that I had, after Dr. Gupta had said that we were going to try with the laser procedure, that I felt a little bit of relief and I had great hope that I would be able to be active again.

Actually, for the treatment – laser procedure – there was no pain, [a] quick recovery, and I also had quick relief of all of the symptoms that I was experiencing. I would say, once the recovery process – about after 3 days – I could tell a difference. I would say, give it about one week, and I felt a major relief. The main thing after the treatment that I can tell that has helped the most is I don’t feel as if I’m an elephant standing on two little feet. All the pressure is gone and the weight has come off of my legs. It feels extremely good!

During the laser treatment, I guess “mosquito bites” is a good example for [the initial numbing pin pricks]. They were small. There wasn’t many. Once you had the complete numbing process, there was nothing that you could feel. During my recovery, after we had the treatment here at the office, everyone – the staff – helped me get my leggings on so I could leave, and I went on about my Friday evening to a painting class. There was no downtime.

[Before], it was just a lot of the restless leg. I felt like my legs were numb. I felt like I needed to get up, walk around, get some movement. There’s a lot of difference, anywhere from being in the car rides to just doing your normal activities, or me being at work just standing for long periods of time. [Now], a lot of it is gone.

Between Dr. Gupta and his polite bedside manner, and the staff – they’re great too, I’ve recommended and I’ve told people about your office. It’s a great place. Helped me a lot. I can say, Dr. Gupta will sit and talk to you and explain everything thoroughly to help you feel more relaxed about the treatment that you’d be be having.

I have a feeling, if I would not have had the procedure done, that I would still be at home trying to avoid a lot of activities, not getting out there and doing as much as what I could be doing or what I had been doing, so, it’s just been a big relief to me.

Julie Beger

Julie Beger Testimonial

Julie Beger Poster web I was at the doctor’s office and I’d seen something about “veins,” and you’re like ‘Really? Veins can have a… ?” You know, you just don’t think that there’s an issue. And the more I read, then I asked my doctor, and she sent me here to you guys [Alsara Vein Clinic].

[It was] a relief, a sigh of relief. In fact, I think I even cried when [Dr. Gupta] was actually talking to me, because, it’s like, here’s a doctor that is literally talking to you. And he didn’t speak jargon. He laid it on the line. He spoke in a way that I could understand. And it was just like, to hear somebody give you an answer that they may be able to help you, was just like… I think… I know I cried. I know I cried because – oh my gosh – there’s somebody talking to me; not at me, but talking to me.

The treatments were technically painless. I didn’t have any issues with pain or discomfort. I liked the way that he walked me through it, what he was going to do, how he did it. Love his helper, Kati. And they explained everything. And they even said if you want to watch, you can watch, which I did. It was just fascinating to see. Oh my gosh, I didn’t know that this was this, and that was that. He let me ask questions. Yeah, most places don’t let you ask questions.

I haven’t flown for a long time. I really haven’t done anything out of the ordinary for along time because it was just… walking through an airport, ah, it was just the heaviness of the legs… sitting in a car didn’t work very well. Like I said, unless you’ve been through it, just… you feel heaviness in your body, and you don’t really know why. And it’s like a constant discomfort, and [in] a plane; even more so. I mean, you never would have dreamed that that was an issue.

It is a godsend. It has been a godsend. I mean, when you look back to where I was a year ago or so to where I am present day, there had to have been a difference that was made that most people don’t think about. So it’s like, haaaaah [exhales]. Oh my gosh, I did this, I did that. I’m moving. I’m standing a little bit longer. So, shy of a miracle.

Gladys Kline

Gladys Kline Testimonial

Gladys Kline Poster web I came into the Alsara Clinic because I had spider veins and they were really driving me crazy. And I really have a lot of pain behind the leg where those spider veins were, so I just kinda lived with fears. I never wore shorts or anything like that because they really looked bad.

Earlier, when we would take long car rides to go see the kids, my leg and feet would swell. [My leg] got really heavy. Just to get out of the car, I’d have to lift my leg just to put it out there and stand up and get my leg [working]. It was miserable and I hated to go for long car rides.

One day my husband found this flyer in the mail and so, made the call, came in, and the staff was amazing! Dr. Gupta was so good about explaining everything, I just couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

As far as the treatments go, I really thought at first they were going to be kinda painful. They weren’t bad at all, especially the spider veins – it’s a real quick little treatment, just a little sting like a mosquito bite. It just wasn’t bad at all. And the recovery time is so minimal. You can go right back to work. It’s no big deal. Anybody can do it.

Recently, since I’ve had the laser done, we went for a long car ride and I didn’t have any problems. No swelling, no having to lift my leg to get out of the car, I just immediately got out, and I realized 'wow'. So it’s been amazing. I completely can tell the difference.

I highly recommend it. If you have any problems with your legs: if they’re hurting, if they’re heavy, if you just don’t like how they are looking, [the treatment is] really not that bad. It’s worth it, it really is. Don’t put it off.

I would much rather be pain free and have the energy in my legs to run around and catch those five grandkids! I just highly recommend it.​