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Alsara Vein Clinic was formed to help improve health and restore lost smiles. Many (patients) came after past failed treatments and some were even told that nothing could be done to help them. These wonderful people are now enjoying good health and living their lives as productive citizens of our community. We have always taken pride in our passion, relentless hard work and highest degree of care for each patient. Nevertheless, Alsara Vein Clinic's success would not have been possible without the opportunity, trust and love that the town of St. Joseph bestowed upon us. The countless letters of appreciation, greeting cards, testimonies (and the yummy home baked pies, cookies, flowers and handmade 

Alsara Loves You Charity

Christmas toys that filled our minds with pleasant memories) often left us speechless. We are eternally grateful to you for the place you gave us not only in the community, but in your hearts.

It brings us great joy to announce the "Alsara Loves You" campaign as part of our anniversary celebration! As a component of this campaign, we will be donating 5% of all our profits back to the community of St Joseph.

Thank you St. Joe for welcoming us with open arms and your love.

"Alsara Loves You" too!

Adopt-A-Family 2017

Adopt A Family handoutAdopt A Family LogoAdopt-A-Family warms the hearts of St. Joseph families during the holiday season who have provided lists of needed items. You can help Alsara Vein Clinic sponser a family for the 2017 Adopt-A-Family holiday charity program. Donations may be dropped off at Alsara Vein Clinic, 4906 Frederick Ave, St. Joseph, MO 64506. We are accepting donations through Friday, December 15th, 2017.

About this family:

The parents are raising three daughters.  One of the girls has special needs and takes a lot of time and attention.  They are also trying to obtain custody of a niece who is state custody at this time.  This has taken a lot of money and they are still going through the process.  The father works outside the home and his income pays their bills, but it leaves nothing to use for anything extra.  These parents know that with the difficult year they have had, their children will not be able to have much for Christmas.  For that reason, they are asking that their family be adopted.  Any help would be so appreciated and the smiles they will receive from the kids will make everything worthwhile.

 kati amanda adopt a family 2017 

Adopt-A-Family 2016

Adopt A Family handoutAdopt A Family LogoAlsara Vein Clinic selected two families to sponser in the Adopt-A-Family holiday charity program last December 2016. In addition to staff contributions, we accepted donations from anyone in our lobby drop-off bin. Adopt-A-Family warms the hearts of St. Jsoeph families during the holiday season who have provided lists of needed items.

Kati Amanda Wendy Adopt A Family web